A Different Kind of Commercial Cleaning Contractor

At Mac’s Maintenance, we’re in a class of our own in the world of commercial cleaning. With unmatched diligence and quality workmanship, we pride ourselves on being a level above our competition. Read on to discover what truly makes our company unique.

Full-time Employees

Many cleaning services have any number of temporary or short-term employees that come and go without providing real quality service. At Mac’s Maintenance, we set our team’s standards higher than any other cleaning service. Our crew members don’t stay strangers for long, as the same crew is assigned to clean the same building every time. We also employ group leaders who are in charge of quality control and security. These dedicated team members double check the that your building has been cleaned up to the Mac’s Maintenance standard and are accountable for your satisfaction.

Systematic Processes

Our success can be attributed to no only our team, but also our systematic cleaning process. We design and document a custom workflow for each client. That means dusting, vacuuming, spot cleaning, and our final check are all specially designed to effectively clean your space each and every time.

Fast & Efficient

We don’t hide the fact that our thorough and complete cleaning services come at a higher rate than some companies, but that’s because we offer unmatched dedication and care as well as a more efficient service that takes less time. We provide better results, faster, than other companies and make a less costly impact on your business operations in the process.

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